Tracey’s personalized approach offers you…

  • Deep rest through Restorative practice

  • Light hearted, creative Vinyasa sequences

  • Flexible session length, location, and practice time

  • Space to simply breathe, reflect, and quiet your mind

  • Fun five minute meeting break videos

Life is intensive. We all really need to make time to move and to rest.

Yoga with Tracey is a wonderful way to help recover after exercise, relieve aches and stiffness, quiet the harried mind, and invite deep rest.

Tracey leads creative, low key sessions. She prioritizes safe, thoughtful movement, encourages breathe work and inner reflection, and keeps it light-hearted and funyoga does not have to be serious to be effective.

Yoga is not about how long, how often, or how perfectly you do it. Yoga is about what benefits you. It needs to be something to look forward to, not just one more task on the list.

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Private Sessions

In home or on line private yoga sessions that cater to your individual needs and schedule. Tracey teaches Vinyasa and Restorative yoga. Length of class may vary depending on what you and Tracey decide is best for you. ($70)

Small Group Classes

Coming soon! Have Tracey leads you in weekly group classes either in person or on line. There will be both restful restorative yoga and slow flow Vinyasa that invite body awareness, ease of mobility, and deeper calm. Options of drop in or bundle payments will be available.  

Personalized Video Recording

Have Tracey create a teaching video geared to what you need most*. You can then watch the video and do your practice daily, with Tracey as your guide. ($45-$65 depending on video length)

*webinar breaks, pre or post work short routines, particular body aches

Yoga Tip

Yoga can be as short as 5-10 minutes and still be of benefit. Deep breathing while waiting in line at the grocery store, standing in a balance pose while brushing your teeth, or doing hip openers before you fall asleep at night can all help.

Find ways to weave yoga into your life that are easy, do-able, and fun!