It is true success when clients feel you have helped them in some way!

Here’s what clients have to say about Tracey…

Animal Communication

Lynda Orton Hill & Totem

November 2020

Tracey connected with Totem to share insight into what I may have known already but wasn’t doing. The need to be more playful with him and allowing him the permission  to be who he needs to be. What surfaced was his need for attention and not to be pushed away as too needy. 

Tracey’s opening and wrap up were professional and warm in bringing into our discussion her years  as a social worker and the needs the animal may have that aren’t being met, which in Totem’s case was the need to be mushy, snuggly, attached at the hip, more attention to this will bring more confidence and less need for it in the future. I loved this closing thought on what the two of them discussed together 

Karen Rocha & Ruby

November 2020

I was very interested to hear what my dog Ruby thought of her life and home.

Tracey was bang on with the behaviours shown by Ruby even mentioning her desire for butt scratches and her hip pain. Tracey was really able to tune into Ruby’s energy and personality.

Tracey clearly has a gift and, although hard to explain, she communicated clearly and really helped me get additional insight on what Ruby likes and direction on particular health issues I had questions about.

I really enjoyed getting to know my dog better through Tracey. I would highly recommend this for anyone who wants to connect more deeply with their pet.

Animal Communication

Kathleen Delaney & Bear

December  2020

I have had several Animal Communication sessions in the last few years, and I can say with certainty that my session with Tracey was by far the most profound.

I was floored by her intuitiveness and Insightfulness. I asked her to connect with an extremely shut down, fearful, and under-socialized dog. Tracey was incredibly patient, gentle, and thorough as she read Bear’s energy and gave me feedback. She was spot on with her understanding of him, and also of myself. 

After our session, Tracey gave me a great deal of feedback on how to integrate everything we learned so as to strengthen my relationship with Bear. In addition, she has lovely, warm, kind energy, and I found myself both laughing and crying throughout our conversation. I am already looking forward to scheduling another session with her!

I cannot believe how profound my session with Tracey was. I can truly and honestly say that it was the most profound animal communication session I have ever experienced.

Erica Coston & Thor

 January 2021

“I can’t say enough positive things about our session with Tracey! Putting it in words will not do it justice but I will try.

Every word she said really resonated. We did not give Tracey any information before the session, and she couldn’t have possibly been more accurate with her reading. I was almost speechless. Through Tracey, it is reassurance that the Universe really does have our animals, and our, backs!

Prior to my session with Tracey,  I didn’t feel the “need” for an animal communication session, but I wanted to see how the sessions went, and figured Thor would enjoy it. Come the end of the session, her reading meant everything to Thor and I, and it was an incredibly special bonding moment that deeply touched us and will last a lifetime. Tracey is a complete light and she was born to be an Animal Communicator!”

Animal Communication

Judy MacKenzie & Bailey

November 2020

I’d like to thank Tracey very much for the reading she did for me.  She connected with Bailey right away and described him to a “T”.  The information that came from him through her was bang on, and it related well to what is going on in my life at this particular point in time.  

The message confirmed for me that I am on the right track.  I can keep moving forward in a positive direction and know that it’s safe to open up and receive all the genuine love that’s around me in my life.