Animal Communication


Danielle MacKinnon School of Animal Communication – Certified Professional Practitioner in Soul Level Animal Communication


Continued development through sessions with prominent intuitive professionals, through regular intuitive practice, and through yoga and meditation.

Canine Coaching


2020 – Absolute Dogs Pro-Dog Trainer Certificate

2021 – Absolute Dogs Pro-Dog Trainer ‘Geek’ Certificate


In 1995, the year before she got her first dog, Tracey began her dog training education, attending workshops, reading books, and apprenticing with Puppy People, a dog training school in Toronto, Ontario.

2001 -2006 – Apprentice then teacher of pet dog training, Who’s Walking Who Dog Training, Toronto, Ontario

1996-2021, Workshops, conferences, and hands-on training sessions several times a year, in addition to fostering, and living with and training her own dogs.

Tracey has learned from esteemed trainers/ dog people such as:

-Karen Prior (behaviour)                     -Jean Donaldson (behaviour)       -Suzanne Clothier (behaviour & relationship)

-Susan Garrett (training and agility)       -Kayl McCann (agility)        -Bobbie Lyons (training skills/fitness)

-Dr Tom Mitchell & Lauren Langman (behaviour/training, pro-dog training).

Other workshops include canine massage (Ken Baine) and Pet First Aid (Walk n’ Wags).



2016 –Breath Body Mind Level 1 Teacher Training with Dr Richard Brown MD and Dr Patricia Gerbard MD

2017 – 200 Hour Hatha Yoga Teacher Training, Angeli Yoga Teaching Academy, Mississauga, Ontario

2021- 40 Hour Restorative Yoga Teacher Training with Andrea Peloso, Mississauga, Ontario


2018 – 20 Hour Teaching Yoga to Athletes with Sage Rountree

Ongoing – Yoga Anatomy with Judith Hanson Lasater

Yoga Biomechanics study sessions with author Jules Mitchell

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