Yoga Frequently Asked Questions

With today’s fast pace and high stress, we need make time to move and to rest. Yoga is a wonderful way to do this as it helps recovery after exercise, relieves aches and stiffness in the body, quiets the harried mind, and allows for deep rest (rebalancing of the central nervous system).

Most people can do yoga, barring any serious health issues that prevent this. Yoga is after all, about the breath. Movement is secondary. Once you find the style of yoga that suits you, then it is like any activity: start out easy, learn how to do it safely, and find what works and doesn’t work for you. Pose modifications are always an option. Flexibility is not required.

Though most yoga classes are 60-75 minutes, yoga can be as short as 5-10 minutes and still be of benefit. Deep breathing while waiting in line at the grocery store, standing in a balance pose while brushing your teeth, or doing hip openers before you fall asleep at night can all help. 

Practicing daily is ideal, however even once or twice a week makes a difference.

Yoga is about taking time to focus on your breath, to quiet your mind, and to gently move, however many minutes that may be. 

Tracey’s training is Hatha, Vinyasa yoga taught with a Tantric, Anusara lens. This simply means a Vinyasa (movement) focus that is inclusive ideologically and heart centred in approach.

Tracey has also had basic training in teaching yoga for athletes and has recently become certified in restorative yoga.

Tracey leads creative, low key sessions geared to the people in front of her. She emphasizes safe, thoughtful movement, encourages breathe work and inner reflection, and keeps her manner light hearted – yoga does not have to be serious to be effective!


Dress in comfortable clothing you can move in (but that will stay on when you have your feet up or your head down). Ideally, have a yoga mat, yoga blocks, a yoga strap, and a blanket. Most yoga is done in bare feet.

For ‘in person’ restorative sessions, Tracey usually provides the props. For on line sessions, Vinyasa or Restorative, Tracey can recommend items you have at home that can be used as props, if you do not have what is needed.

For private sessions, scheduling and payment must be made 48 hours in advance of the practice time.

For Video creations, requests must be made at least a week in advance, unless a video that meets your needs has already been created.

All cancellations must be made 24 hours in advance of the session. Cancellations after that time will result in there will be no refund of payment