Soul Level Animal Communication

Tracey’s intuitive connection with your animal can offer you….

  • Insights from your animal’s perspective

  • Understanding of your animal’s behaviour and wishes

  • A deeper, stronger bond

  • Contact with them in spirit

  • Ways to help your animal


“I have had several Animal Communication sessions in the last few years, and I can say with certainty that my session with Tracey was by far the most profound.” (see testimonials)

 Kathleen Delaney & Bear

“Tracey’s opening and wrap up were professional and warm in bringing into our discussion her years as a social worker and the needs the animal.”.(see testimonials)

 Lynda Orton Hill and Totem

“Tracey was bang on with the behaviours shown by Ruby even mentioning her desire for butt scratches and her hip pain. Tracey was really able to tune into Ruby’s energy and personality.” (see testimonials)

Karen Rocha and Ruby

“Tracey’s reading meant everything to Thor and I. It was an incredibly special bonding moment that deeply touched us and will last a lifetime. Tracey is a complete light and she was born to be an Animal Communicator!” (see testimonials)

 Erica Coston & Thor

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In a 20 minute check in, you can ask one animal 1-2 questions of your choice (time dependent), and the animal will guide the direction of the answers. This type of reading is ideal for specific issues or as follow up to a previous animal communication session. ($35)

In a 30 minute Soul Level Animal Communication reading you will learn things from your animal’s perspective, including what they most want you to know. You will have the opportunity to ask them 1-2 questions of your choice (time dependent). Your animal will lead the way in this.  We will also go to the soul level to explore what lesson your animal is teaching you, how they are doing this, and what you can do to work on this with them. ($45)

In a 45 minute Animal Communication reading, you can further explore what one animal is teaching you, by asking several questions (usually 4-6 depending how much is shared). Alternatively, you can choose two animals in this time. Perhaps you want to know a little about each of them separately, or you need to better understand a dynamic between them. ($60)

Enrich your experience with any of these sessions by adding on a 15 minute consult with Tracey. Given her social work and dog training knowledge, Tracey offers intuitive insights, evidence based guidance, and practical next steps. ($20)

*Animal Communication sessions should not be considered a medical diagnosis or be used in place of attention from a veterinarian. If you have medical concerns about your animal, please seek the advice of a veterinarian. Not all animals are forthcoming about their medical issues, depending on what they are trying to teach you.