Canine Coaching

Concept training through games can offer you….

  • Real life results with your dog

  • Training geared to your dog’s needs

  • Life skills for a confident, calm, responsive dog

  • A science & evidence-based approach to reshaping your dog’s brain

  • Fun training the family can be part of

Develop the qualities in your dog that result in a well-balanced companion who is easy to live with, well mannered, and able to join you in your adventures, whatever those may be!

Concept training identifies key qualities your dog needs, and builds these through games to shape their brain and their experience.

Playing games with your dog is fun, easy to do at home, and it leads to real life results.

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Not sure? – Have a phone Consult  

Not sure what you need? Discuss your situation with Tracey. She can guide you in the direction that best fits your needs, whether that is private sessions, on line ‘go at your own pace’ training, or even local group training classes. 

*Tracey’s goal is to help as many animals as possible, so she’ll be making a donation to an animal charity following these consultation calls (She would love you to join her in doing this)


Initial Consult – 90 mins 

An initial consultation includes question time (what’s most on your mind),  review/ teaching of key training points based on your needs, demonstration of relevant games. Useful resources provided or sent via email. ($150)

Planning re further training as needed. A post session email check in as per client preference.

*10% off this consult if you purchase the 3 session package at the same time as this consult. (save $15 for this consult)

Behaviour consult – 90 mins

Pre-consultation form to be completed prior to session. Consult focuses on education regarding the key behaviour and developing a 3 week plan that targets  the “bottleneck” problem ($150)

*10% off this consult if you purchase the 3 session package at the same time as this consult. (save $15 for this consult)

Follow up sessions – 1 hour 

These sessions build on the training plan developed through the initial consultation. Depending on your and your dog’s needs, Tracey focuses on concept/behaviour/games education, your questions, and games practice with feedback. ($100)

*10% off follow up sessions if purchased in advance and as part of a package of 3 sessions. (save $10)

Email or phone consultations 

Email or phone consultations are in follow up to one of the initial consultation options, or part of ongoing training with Tracey. This is an opportunity for you to provide more in depth updates and for Tracey to provide detailed explanations, resources, or recommendations regarding your training plan or questions. ($40 for one, $105 for three = save $15)

*phone consultations are limited to 20 minutes

 3 or 6 hour Training packages

Set you and your dog up for success by having 3 to 6 sessions in addition to the initial consult with Tracey. This can really help you create a strong foundation with your dog and develop your training skills while you are at it. ($270 for 3 hrs, $540 for 6 hrs)

By having a package you save 10% on all sessions, including the initial consult.

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