My Story

Following our passions…or maybe not.

As a child, what I most wanted was to be around horses, or with my cool cat, Butter, or on the move in nature. I was a HUGE animal lover and yet, this was not the passion I followed into adulthood.

Still don’t know why, really, except that other interests wedged their way in and taking a more traditional career path won out …for quite a long time.

My intuitive side, my curiosity about the deeper, more spiritual energy I felt, also stayed on the fringes or was hidden completely.

I became a teacher and then a social worker, both professions that I vowed I would never have and yet I came to love.

Strange how this can happen.    These lessons we did not see coming.

Our teachers do not always come in the form and ways we anticipate.

In my non-work life, dogs became my focus, my passion and my frustration. They have been my learning curve, my confidence clash. Each beloved dog has tested my abilities, stretched my knowledge, and motivated me to learn… about them as dogs, about training, and about myself.

I confess, it was my dogs who led me to yoga and to animal communication. At some point I realized that my energy and my intensity were contributing to the problems and not the solutions.

I was propelled to look for other angles, to consider uncharted territory, and to seek new ways to be a better person for my dogs.